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CYMAX's Mission

  1. CYMAX use stardard fibre system in carbon or E-glass. Other fibre systems like Carbon, Aramid, ECR-glass or hybrid can be easily produced to meet specific customer requirments.
  2. To offer great advantages in achieving light weight, high strength and high impact resistance for today's advanced composites. 
  3. To develop the most cost effective solution to meet our customers requirements.

Company Profile

CYMAX is the Trademark of the multiaxial reinforcement ( MAX ) produced by the 
Composite Division of Chrong Yi Co Ltd, TAIWAN.

Chrong Yi Co Ltd was established  in 1981 as a warp knitting company. The company expanded quickly and is now with 400 employees running 80 tricot machines and two Dyeing and Finishing Plants. Average turnover in the past 3 years is about USD40 millions per year.

The Composite Business Division of Chrong Yi Co Ltd, is established in 1997 for the production and sales of Multiaxial (MAX) fabric reinforcement for the advaned composite industry. The Division is located in Chungli City of Northern Taiwan, and the product are sold under the brand name CYMAX.

MAX is stitched fabric construction that provides the maximum available strength of high tenacity fibres in composites. This is ideally for laminate aiming at light weight and high strength applications. The fabric styles from CYMAX include unaxial (0o), biaxial (0o / 90o, or +/-45o) , triaxial (0o /  +/-45o, or 90o / +/-45o ) and quadriaxial ( 0o / 90o/ +/-45o ). The weight range from 200 grams to 2,000 grams per square meter. There are 18 standard CYMAX E-glass products which have received Type Approval by Det Norsk Veritas of Norway.

The Composite Division conducts many projects with manufacturers locally and abroad. The application is wide spread and includes marine, pipe, building, transportation, civil engineer and sports goods etc.


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